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When your jewelry is lost or stolen, it’s an emotional event. Being insured to cover its replacement will give you peace of mind. An Insurance Appraisal Report let’s your insurance provider know how much it would realistically cost to replace your jewelry. 

Do you want to know what your jewelry is worth? An Estate Appraisal Report will determine the fair market value of your jewelry in its current used condition – if it were to be sold in the markets that purchase jewelry. It is usually needed when assets are being divided.

Do you need to relieve yourself of your jewelry right away? The Liquidation Appraisal Report will tell you the estimated “quick cash” sale value of your jewelry. Also known as the “scrap value’, it lets you know what you can get for your jewelry in a forced sale within a short time.

Want to sell your jewelry? A Valuation to Sell Report will determine the fair asking price for your piece – whether you’re selling at a pop-up shop or an online auction like eBay. Take full advantage of the marketplace. Be confident that your pricing is optimal and fair.

Are you managing an inheritance or divorce? The distribution of assets – like your jewelry – will rely on knowing its value. An Estate Distribution Report will provide the information you need to make equitable decisions about your inheritance or assets.

In just a few steps,  you can update the value of your appraised jewelry.

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Our non-partial appraisers are respected experts in the industry — members of prestigious appraisal organizations.