As an insurance agent, you understand the importance of keeping your clients’ appraisals up to date. However, motivating them to take action can be a challenge. That’s where Digipraise comes in, revolutionizing the way appraisal updates are done.

Make it simple: Give your client a link and they can seamlessly update their appraisal from their phone or iPad. No download needed.

Make it affordable: At $49.99, a Digipraise value update is less than ½ the average cost of an appraisal from a local jeweler.

Make it convenient: Not only does the client avoid the hassle of visiting a jeweler or appraiser, Digipraise’s patented and streamlined process ensures a quick update.

But that’s not all. By encouraging your clients to update their appraisal values with Digipraise, you open up a world of opportunities. Once they receive their updated values, they may need to increase their premiums or be reminded of valuable items they’ve been wanting to insure. This presents a golden opportunity for you to provide exceptional customer service and expand the coverage options for your clients.

Impress your clients with efficiency and dedication to their needs.

Agent Toolkit - It's time to update your appraisal.

Better customer service equals  better customer relationships

Watch the video – it’s a great Digipraise orientation. Here’s the bottom line:

For your customer: It’s a simple, remote way to update the value of their appraised jewelry for a flat fee of $49.99.

For you: Digipraise is a frictionless marketing solution which costs you nothing.

Email + Social

We’ve put together a bare-bones strategy that you can customize to help you transform your recommendation into new business.

Email #1: Let your clients know they might need to update their appraisal values. Invite your clients to use Digipraise.

Email #2: Follow-up! A chance to remind them about their need to update the the value on their appraisals, and to give you a call.

Social Graphics: Pepper your social feed with reminders after every email you send.

We’re here to support you

Do not hesitate to contact us for help or make a suggestion that would make Digipraise indispensable to you and your policyholders.

Email us at: hello@digipraise.com