Your policyholders deserve more (and so do you).

This year, add Digipraise to your marketing tool set. Protect your clients and protect your agency.

Why is the Digipraise’s value update service pivotal to your success? Simply put, it’s an excellent reason to reach out to your policyholder, it’s great customer service –  and it costs you nothing. We even provide you with the marketing campaign.

According to LexisNexis, “47% of policyholders who switched to a new carrier said their carrier’s failure to reach out influenced their decision to switch.”

Don’t lose policyholders because you missed an opportunity to reach out to them. Partner with us today:

The Breakdown

  • Digipraise offers online updates to previously appraised jewelry.
  • Every Digipraise gemologist is trained by the GIA with a minimum of 10 years of experience valuing jewelry.
  • In less than two minutes a policyholder can initiate their value update using their smartphone, and receive their updated appraisal within a few days.
  • In pointing policyholders to our service an agent will (1) provide great customer service, (2) build stronger bonds of trust and (3) open the door to new premiums and new policies.
  • Joining is absolutely FREE!

We’ve created an Agent Toolkit with email templates and social media graphics to help you communicate the Digipraise value to your policyholders. Fill out the form below, and we’ll redirect you there. Email us at hello@digipraise.com if you have any questions.

Let’s get started!