Digipraise’s 2023 Review

2023 has been a landmark year for Digipraise – from introducing several key enhancements to our webapp to spreading the word about our mission at industry gatherings – we’ve been busy innovating with our service and our message. We’re making the jewelry valuation process more efficient, user-friendly, less costly, and more insightful every day and it feels pretty good.

Here are some highlights:

We Optimized our WebApp for Streamlined Value Updates.

We get it. Time is of the essence. We made the appraisal process easier than ever. This year, we focused on streamlining the process of submitting value update requests, ensuring a smoother, faster experience for you.

More than one piece to update in one go? No Problem.

We heard you. You want to submit multiple value update requests in one session. In response, we introduced a multi-request feature, allowing for the addition of several updates in a single session – saving you time and money. After you submit your first – every additional value update is discounted. Nice!

Beyond Text and Photos: Introducing Video and Audio Submissions.

We recognize that every piece of jewelry has a unique story, so we expanded our submission options. You now have the ability to upload videos or audio clips to provide a richer, more personal narrative about your jewelry pieces, beyond what a standard appraisal or receipt might tell.

Sharing Video and Audio Made Easy: QR Code Integration.

Connectivity. We’ve made it possible for you to share your video or audio submissions with insurance agents or family members through QR codes – making information about a piece readily accessible to all who need it.

Showcasing Digipraise: Making our Case at Industry Conferences.

Safe to say, Digipraise’s innovative approach caught the eye of industry leaders this year. We had the privilege of showcasing our services at several prestigious industry conferences, including the Private Risk Management Association (PRMA) Summit, InsureTech Connect, Indium, IndieTech,  IIANC and a few others. We met so many great people and it was so “eventful” we plan to do it again in 2024.

Learning to Do More: Participation in Accelerator Programs.

Our journey this year also included participation in the IIANC 101 Weston Labs accelerator program and the GET Cities Entrepreneurship Exchange at Miami Tech Week. These experiences provided invaluable opportunities for growth, networking, and learning. The generous mentorship we received still fires up our creativity today. We’re so grateful for the advice and friendship. It has been a persistently comforting element in every decision we make.

Enhanced Platform for Faster, More Accurate Updates.

Finally, we’ve made extensive improvements to our platform, focusing on delivering faster and more accurate jewelry updates. Our team has worked tirelessly to ensure that our technology and processes are at the cutting edge, providing our customers with the best possible outcomes.

There’s a lot more – but not enough time to list it here. If there’s any one and/or thing missing, please forgive us. Know that we appreciate all the support we received from you – you are a big part of what made 2023 a great Digipriase year.

2024 – here we come!

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