You have dozens maybe hundreds of clients with outdated appraisals. How do you motivate them update their appraisal values?

Make it easy: Enable them to do it via their phone or iPad. 

Make it affordable: Much less expensive than what your local jeweler or appraiser would charge.

Make it remote: Completely contactless. No need to mask-up or disinfect.

Digipraise does just that. We provide a quick (often within 72 hours) and painless way to keep up with the value of  appraised items – and clients will appreciate that.

But there are things you will appreciate too. After receiving their value update your client may need to increase their premiums, or they might be reminded of items they’ve been wanting to insure. 

This is where your good customer service turns into an opportunity to provide more coverage for your client.

Agent Toolkit - It's time to update your appraisal.

Better customer service equals  better customer relationships

Watch the video – it’s a great Digipraise orientation. Here’s the bottom line:

For your customer: It’s a simple, remote way to update the value of their appraised jewelry for a flat fee of $49.99.

For you: Digipraise is a frictionless marketing solution which costs you nothing..

Email + Social

We’ve put together a bare-bones strategy that you can customize to help you transform your recommendation into new business.

Email #1: Let your clients know they might need to update their appraisal values. Invite your clients to use Digipraise.

Email #2: Follow-up! A chance to remind them about their need to update the the value on their appraisals, and to give you a call.

Social Graphics: Pepper your social feed with reminders after every email you send.

We’re here to support you

Do not hesitate to contact us for help or make a suggestion that would make Digipraise indispensable to you and your policyholders.

Email us at: hello@digipraise.com