No. The jewelry appraisal update is done completely online. All we’ll need is a photo of your last appraisal and a current photo of the piece.

Our goal is to provide you with your Digipraisal (updated appraisal) within 72 hours of payment.

Your jewelry appraisal update will be performed by a Certified Digipraiser.  A credentialed industry expert with professional training in our valuation process.

The price for each update is $49.99.

Once your jewelry appraisal update is complete, we’ll let you know via email or text. Then you can log into your account to view and/or download a PDF whenever you want.

Don’t worry – you’ll get a full refund within 7-business days. But here’s why we could not perform a value update.


We base our value determination on the gemological description from the appraisal you submit. If that appraisal is poorly written, we might not have enough data points to assess the value. We suggest you take your jewelry to be appraised properly by a local jewelry appraiser who can physically inspect your piece. If we have a trusted partner in your area, we will recommend them to you.

Let’s fix that right away! If you have not heard from us within 24-hours of your submission, contact us directly via email at hello@digipraise.com. Please wait 24 hours before contacting us. We review each appraisal to make sure they are well written, which takes time. But don’t worry – if your submission is accepted, we will still have your jewelry appraisal update within the 72-hour window of your submission.

Absolutely. The safety of your information is of paramount importance to us. Don’t worry. Your information is secure. For further info, you can check out our privacy policy.

Your insurance company will most likely accept your Digipraise value update – but it depends on their policies. We cannot guarantee that your value update will be accepted by all insurance companies or in the court of law. It’s your responsibility to confirm  it’s acceptable before ordering.

No, we do not buy or sell items.
Send us a message and we’ll get back to you ASAP. We’re excited to tell you all about Digipraise and how it can save you money and worry.