The Team

Digipraise is the brainchild of two sisters – Ali and Dana. Both have been in the jewelry industry since they were teenagers – second generation jewelry valuation experts in their family business. They created Digipraise with one thing in mind: to help jewelry owners protect values and emotions.

As decades-long practitioners of valuing jewelry for national insurance companies, they saw that the one thing that disadvantaged owners most was a poorly written or out-of-date appraisal. So they designed a patent-pending process where jewelry owners can easily update their appraisals in a manner that is safe, convenient and trusted. The rest is history.

Digipraise has developed a network of jewelry appraisers that span the continental US, Canada and Europe. We vet each one for their years of experience, their reputation in the industry, affiliation with professional organizations, and passion for their vocation. It is our partnership that makes Digipraise work – bringing value and expertise to each jewelry appraisal update we touch. 

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